1. The process
    • 2-phase geo fluid is separated at the separator station; steam enters back-pressure turbine at higher pressure and exhaust at lower pressure/still steam state. It then goes to the OEC (Ormat Energy Converter) bottoming binary units
    • Brine enters the brine binary units
    • Condensate and brine injected back wells
  2. Integrated Geothermal Combined Cycle Units (IGCCU) THE FIRST IN INDONESIA
    1. Utilizes both geothermal steam & brine to make electricity
    2. Reinjects 100% of the geothermal fluid (net of NCG)
    3. Uses air-cooling instead of water
    4. Multiple modular units
    5. Proven technology in Geothermal; used in countries of USA, New Zealand, Japan, Philippines, Turkey, etc.