CSR Contribution to Pahae Julu Junior High School 3 called “Meubelair”

Meubelair is the terminology used by the Tapanuli community for furniture. Sarulla Operations Ltd management on Friday, 15.02.2019 provided meubelair assistance consisting of 46 new desks and 3 reading tables as a form of corporate concern through CSR programs to the world of Education. The symbolic hand over was represented by Alexander Smith (Plant Manager), Melva Samosir (CSR and ER Manager), and Fella Situmorang (CSR Supervisor) to Luhut Lumban Gaol (Head of Primary Education), Manumpak Sianturi (Head Master), and N. Sitompul (representatives of student parents). The event was also covered by the print local media Sinar Indonesia Baru and the online portal hariansib.com & Palapapos.co.id